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STEVEN IVY P.C. Illinois law firm offering business law, real estate law, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets, mediation, arbitration, contract law, immigration law, employment law, import law, export law, commercial real estate.

Individuals & Families

Contracts, Leasing, Home Construction, Purchase & Sale
Our Clients


Consider consulting with our office before you, or any member of your family, signs a contract with long lasting effects. Whether you are planning on buying a car or a cell phone, a professional contract review can prove to be invaluable. We have an in-depth understanding of the contract law, and can help you avoid any negative consequences. The firm assists clients with all contract issues, including contract formation, review, implementation and related breach matters.


Affordable Legal Services

Our law firm understands the financial restrictions of individuals and families. To make our services affordable, we have created a flexible pricing system. Depending on the requested services, our clients may choose from four payment structures: 1) one fixed lower early payment; 2) three fixed payments; 3) pay as you go; 4) contingency fee. For further information about our prices and services contact our office, we'll be glad to help.


Legal Counsel For Individuals & Families

STEVEN IVY P.C. offers personalized legal services to both individuals and families. The firm assists clients with purchase, sale and construction of their homes. If necessary, we can help our clients deal with easement and real estate boundary disputes. We are always available to create, amend or review any contractual agreements that our clients are asked to sign. Our firm also provides legal support for those leasing various properties, including apartments, condominiums, homes and small offices. Regardless of the complexity of your legal case, we are confident in our ability to help.


Boaundary Disputes & Easements

Occasionally, homeowners have to deal with real estate boundary disputes or easement issues. If you find yourself in this situation contact STEVEN IVY P.C., we can help. The firm provides legal support to individuals and families embroiled in conflicts over property lines, trespass, encroachment and easements violations. Our practice is efficient, designed to resolve such conflict without litigation. However, if litigation proves to be unavoidable, we can provide a vigorous legal representation.


Home Construction

A task of constructing your own home far exceeds the complexities of a typical home purchase. In addition to selecting a proper parcel of land, you have to deal with contractors, subcontractors, architects, zoning, easements, permits and title companies. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps individuals and families handle all the legal nuances of home construction. We help clients negotiate contract provisions, review architectural and development agreements. We can verify the title rights and help clients deal with quality variances, project delays and assist with the closing process.


Home - Purchase & Sale

For most individuals and families, purchase of a home represents the largest investment of their lives. To ensure that the entire transactions is done properly contact our office. STEVEN IVY P.C. assists individuals and families with purchase, and sale of their homes. We understand the real estate transactions, title rights, all the applicable rules and regulation and the closing process. We help our clients negotiate, review contacts and complete other necessary documentations.


Mediation, Arbitration & Case Evaluation

STEVEN IVY P.C. offers alternative dispute resolutions services. From mediation to arbitration, our services are all-inclusive. We support our clients during all the preparatory functions and during the actual proceedings. The firm also conducts case evaluations. We employ case evaluation to assess merits of the case, identify the central issue, establish exit strategies, assist with discovery and motion planning, enhance communication between the parties and to facilitate early settlement.


Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

We also help individuals with artistic abilities, inventors and authors of literature, to protect their creative works. STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in patent, trademarks and copyright protection of intellectual property. We protect books, movies scripts, photographs and many other individual creations from being sold, used or even copied without permission. We also take appropriate measures against any violators. To protect our clients' interest, and to provide them with just compensation, our firm can initiate an interference proceeding with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C., or file a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court.


Leasing & Tenant Rights

STEVEN IVY P.C. also provides its legal services to individuals and families leasing various properties. We assist clients that lease apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single family homes. We help with contract reviews and provide a reliable counsel on tenant-landlord rights, warranty of habitability and many other issues associated with leasing of real estate properties.          

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