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STEVEN IVY P.C. Illinois law firm offering business law, real estate law, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets, mediation, arbitration, contract law, immigration law, employment law, import law, export law, commercial real estate.
 Utility, Design, Plant, PCT & Foreign Patents

Patent Practice

Comprehensive Patent Practice

STEVEN IVY P.C. provides a comprehensive set of patent-related services, from drafting and prosecution of patent applications to vigorous litigation, both designed to firmly protect our clients' intellectual property rights. The services offered by the firm also include reexamination, reissue, interference, appellate proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), states and federal courts. In addition, the firm helps clients with development of strategically-oriented intellectual property portfolios and its management.


Patent Process

The patent application process could be very complicated and time consuming, frequently resulting in administrative debate with the patent examiners that can take months to complete. STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in patent procurement. The firm helps clients to prepare, and to file both provisional and non-provisional patent applications. The main purpose of the provisional application is to reserve a place in line (a filing date), providing an applicant with twelve months of time during which a utility application must be filed. The non-provisional application, is commonly referred to as a regular patent application because it leads to an acquisition of a patent. Unlike the provisional application, the non-provisional application is examined thoroughly by the USPTO.


Patent Rights

A patent is a set of rights granted to an inventor by the United States government, or other nation bound by a treaty with the United States. The patent rights granted to an inventor are limited, because they do not provide an exclusive right to utilize the patented invention in any way imaginable. Specifically, an inventor is granted the right to exclude others from making, copying, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing any infringing items or processes, from the time the patent is published to the time it lapses.


Patent Types

The USPTO issues three different kinds of patents: utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. The most common patent is the utility patent, which is effective for 20 years from the date of filing, unless it was filed prior to 1995, in which case it is effective for 17 years from date of issue, or 20 years from date of application, whichever is later. The utility patent applies to articles of manufacture, machines, compositions of matter or a process/method that produces a useful, concrete, and tangible results. Unlike the utility patent, a design patent merely protects a new, original ornamental shape and appearance of a specific class of objects. The design patent is effective for only 14 years from date of grant. The least common patent is the plant patent, which covers a new and distinct, asexually reproduced species of plant. The plant patent is for the same period of years as the utility patent, however, not all countries allow plant patents. Tuber propagated plants or wild uncultivated plants may not be patented.


Personal Service

The hallmark of our practice is personal service. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their interests are properly protected. STEVEN IVY P.C. is servicing clients in several Illinois counties, including: Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Kane County, DeKalb County, Will County, McHenry County and Kendall County. Our clients can meet with us in eight Illinois locations, including: Chicago, Lisle, Northbrook, Oak Brook, Rosemont, Saint Charles, Schaumburg, and Warrenville.

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