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Importance of Employment Law

Operating a competitive business, and simultaneously navigating through the ever changing landscape of the employment law, is a daunting task. This task is even more difficult for small to medium-size businesses, with already limited resources. However, to maintain its competitiveness and to avoid litigation, every business must understand the key aspects of the applicable employment law. STEVEN IVY P.C. removes this burden, by partnering with businesses and providing them with timely and effective legal counsel. Our legal services are designed to reduce litigation and help our clients achieve their business objectives.

STEVEN IVY P.C. Illinois law firm offering business law, real estate law, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets, mediation, arbitration, contract law, immigration law, employment law, import law, export law, commercial real estate.

Professional Service

The hallmark of our practice is professional service. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their interests are properly protected. STEVEN IVY P.C. is servicing clients in several Illinois counties, including: Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Kane County, DeKalb County, Will County, McHenry County and Kendall County. Our clients can meet with us in eight Illinois locations, including: Chicago, Lisle, Northbrook, Oak Brook, Rosemont, Saint Charles, Schaumburg, and Warrenville.


Employment Law

...Employee Benefits & Employment Contracts

Employee Turnover Issues

The process of hiring, maintaining and discharging of your employees is govern by many state and federal laws. Needless to say, it is a daunting task to run your business and keep up-to-date with the ever changing regulations. Whether your next task is interviewing a potential employee, checking their background, or testing their job qualifications, there are legal hidden dangers in all of these actions and you must make sure that your business is protected from lawsuits. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps businesses to restructure their interviewing procedures and to implement specific legal safeguards. Our legal services are customized to meet the exact needs of our clients, and help them reach their desired business objectives.


Employment Contracts

The law does not require businesses to enter into a written contact with their employees. However, in many situations an employment contract is a prudent course of action. If the employment contract is required, you must become familiar with the applicable laws. STEVEN IVY P.C. specializes in employment contracts. We guide our clients on the applicable contract and employment laws; we complete and execute all the necessary legal documents, designed to reduce our clients' liability and to protect all business assets.


Employee Benefits

Employee benefits, and its legal requirements imposed on businesses, vary based on the specific amount of employees and the type of work being performed. Some employee benefits are mandated by the law, including overtime, minimum wage, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and worker's compensation and disability. Other employee benefits, although voluntarily implemented by employers, are also subject to various state and federal regulations. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps clients make sense of all the applicable regulations. We counsel clients on all aspect of employee benefits, from structuring new benefit systems, to complex retirement plans, we are confident in our ability to help.


Employee Lawsuits

In addition to providing guidance on the hiring practices, or the benefits requirements, STEVEN IVY P.C. helps businesses defend against harassment, race and age discrimination accusations. We help clients to resolve issues associated with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Illinois Department of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 


Comprehensive Employment Law Practice

STEVEN IVY P.C. provides comprehensive employment law services. The firm is always ready to handle even the most complex employment issues, including labor-related litigation, benefits and compensation issues, labor contractual agreements and unfair labor practices. Our services include counseling  human resource departments on the applicability of the newly enacted laws, regulations and employee benefits. We help businesses to design new policies and employee handbooks. The firm also helps businesses formulate and execute employment contracts or nondisclosure agreements. We work with businesses of all sizes, with locations throughout the U.S.A. and abroad.


Nondisclosure Agreements

Today, success of many businesses depends on the level of secrecy attached to their business methods or technological advance. Nondisclosure agreement, is one of the tools used to guard various business secrets. STEVEN IVY P.C. has a keen understanding of all the applicable laws and regulations governing both the formation and the implementation of nondisclosure agreements. We help our clients design, and to enforce, their nondisclosure policies both domestically and abroad.


Employee Handbooks

Although at first glance an employee handbook may appear as a simple collection of work-related rules, it is an important legal document, especially when dealing with an employee-initiated lawsuit. STEVEN IVY P.C. helps companies of all sizes, create an effective, fair, easy to understand, legally-binding employee handbooks, designed to implement all the applicable laws and to protect our clients' best interest.

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